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Please view the online orientation prior to making your reservation for Advising and Registration. The Advising and Registration session is 2-3 hour on-campus event. Students will meet with counselors for group academic advisement to plan their education program and register for classes.

You are required to be in attendance. You will need an acceptable form of photo identification for check-in. Please be punctual, late arrivals will be asked to reschedule. A one-time new student fee of $25.00 is billed to your Normandale account for materials and services provided during this event.

Accommodations for individuals with physical disabilities, hearing or vision loss are available with advance notice. Contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at (952)358-8625 or e-mail at


It is very important to attend your scheduled session. Rescheduling can significantly delay your course registration and may reduce the number of courses available to you.

The on-line reservation process consists of four steps.

    Step 1. Select Date and Time

Please view the online orientation prior to making your reservation for Advising and Registration. Placement scores in reading and writing are required before attending Advising and Registration.

It is very important that you select the appropriate Advising and Registration session.

PSEO sessions are designed for high school students accepted to the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program.

EAP/ABE sessions are designed for students whose course readiness assessment results indicate English For Academic Purpose (EAP) courses or students whose reading and/or writing placement is Adult Basic Education (ABE).

Transfer Transfer students who have completed 12 or more credits at their previous institution and who have earned a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA have the option of attending an On Campus session or a Live Webinar session. Click Here for a detailed overview of the two options.

General sessions are designed for students who have no previous college experience.

Each session is tailored for the targeted population to best meet the needs of those students. Please sure to register for the session that best represents you as detailed above. To ensure that you receive the correct information during Advising and Registration, if you sign up for an incorrect session you will be called to reschedule.
We looked forward to seeing you soon!

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