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Items that appear in the "Broken Links" tool in D2L can be due to a few different things:

  1. If you or a student clicks on something that displays an error message to them - the link might be broken because an associated file, such as an image, was missing from the content
  2. A student tries to open or download a file that isn't compatible with their device
  3. If you copy in a Content item using "Select Components," but don't also copy the "associated files." (including associated files is the default, so this is less likely)
  4. If you copy in a Content item that is an "External Learning Tool" (such as a MediaSpace video or VoiceThread) using the "Select Components" tool, and you don't also select the associated "External Learning Tool" from the list of components you are selecting

What should be done about them?

Most likely, you can just ignore these broken links. Chances are they are referring to something you've already fixed, or no longer need.

How can I see what they are?

If you'd like to investigate them further, follow the steps below:

  1. Copy the link that is provided in the Broken links tool
  2. Navigate to your "Course Home" by clicking on the name of your course at the top of your D2L page
  3. Paste the broken link address to your web address bar, after the ".edu" - see screenshot below:

paste broken link address after the .edu in your course home address



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