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If you have ever used Turnitin through D2L, then you have an "account" created at You may access this account outside of D2L if necessary.

There are two main reasons why you may need to access outside of D2L:

  1. Submissions are not processing correctly in D2L, and you want to see if they are processed at all, and/or manually submit a paper.
  2. The student submitted a paper to you via another avenue than your Turnitin D2L Assignment, and you need to manually submit their paper.

To log in to

  1. Go to and login with your Normandale email address as the username.
    1. If you have logged in before, enter your password.
    2. If you have never logged in here before, click the "forgot password" link to create a unique password (and keep track of it for future reference).
  2. Look for your Class name and if available, Assignment name. (If no Assignment exists, you may create one in a pre-existing class. Note that this Assignment folder will only exist in - it will not affect your D2L course.)
  3. To the right of the Assignment name, click the "More Actions" button and click "Submit." (See screenshot below)
    more actions > submit
  4. You will be prompted to fill out optional information such as the student's name, and then upload the paper.

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